Historical Projects

1923 – 1938 Kindergarten Nutrition Work

Nutrition improvement program for children in the Free Kindergartens Program. League volunteers participated in all areas of the program including running some of the kindergartens, working in the administration office, and forming a motor corps to drive children to hospitals and clinics. $35,000 donated.

1927 – 1938 Social Service Committee

Provided various services including a shopping service for patients at Leahi Hospital, storytelling hour at the Children’s Hospital Library, and assisting the Red Cross.

1928 Palama Settlement

$1,000 donated to equip auditorium.  American Merchant Marine Association – Collected over 1,000 books for the American Merchant Marine Library for sailors.

1934 – 1972 Children’s Theater

Produced and presented live theater productions to the children of Honolulu. $43,000 donated. 1941 Service Entertainment – Hosted three parties for servicemen at League members’ homes.

1946 – 1947 Radio Program

Produced, presented, and publicized radio broadcasts of children’s books. Thirteen programs were produced each year.

1951 – 1952 Disaster Relief

Secured 3,000 blood donors for the Red Cross.

1952 – 1953 Palama Settlement

Donated $3,000 to hire a recreation director.

1954 – 1956 Rehabilitation Center at Children’s Hospital

Donated $11,000 for a therapeutic swimming pool.

1954 – 1957 Television Program

Wrote and produced a 5-minute program for Be Kind to Animals Week.

1957 – 1959 State Hospital

Donated $8,000 to build a new patients’ recreation pavilion.

1958 – 1959 Bishop Museum

Donated $10,000 for the construction of an observatory in conjunction with a planetarium. Upon completion of construction, assisted in developing a volunteer program.

1959 – 1965 Keiki Concerts

Sponsored and arranged annual concerts performed by the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra for elementary school children.

1960 – 1961 Juvenile Detention Home

Sponsored the establishment of the Association for the Juvenile Detention Home. Assisted in preparing the Association’s purpose and bylaws.

1960 – 1961 Primary & Intermediate Concerts

Sponsored youth concerts for intermediate school youngsters in conjunction with the Symphony Society.

1961 – 1965 Honolulu Academy of Arts

$10,000 donated to equip three art studios in the new wing. Assisted the Academy and DPI in establishing a creative arts program for gifted children.

1961 – 1969 Child Protection Films

Purchased child molestation films to be shown to Hawaii’s school children. Worked as facilitators to discuss these films along with the Police Department.

1962 – 1963 Pohukaina School for Handicapped Children

Provided equipment and volunteers to work with physically handicapped children.

1964 – 1966 Library of Hawaii

Volunteers read stories to children for two six-week one-hour sessions. $4,000 donated to purchase children’s books.

1964 – 1966 Waimano Home

Donated $1,700 to purchase equipment. Recruited three volunteers to work with individuals with intellectual disabilities.

1965 – 1966 Iolani Palace Restoration

$15,000 granted to assist with the research necessary to restore Iolani Palace. Approximately 5,000 volunteer hours were also spent on this project. Project turned over to the community and is currently a separate non-profit organization.

1965 – 1968 Historic Task Force

In cooperation with the Mayor’s Historic Building Task Force, created exhibits, films, and a TV documentary, Kulaiwi, on historic restoration and preservation. Provided funding for a booklet on Oahu’s Historic Buildings. Granted $4,600 to this project.

1968 – 1970 Zoo Education Program

Orientation program and “self-guided” tours for children from Grades K through 2.

1969 – 1971 Air & Water Pollution Conference

In cooperation with the Outdoor Circle and Garden Club, presented a non-technical conference to inform the community about problems of air and water pollution.

1970 – 1971 Hale Kipa Shelter Home

Collaborated with several community organizations to establish a temporary shelter for runaway youths. $17,000 donated. Project turned over to the community and is currently a separate non-profit organization.

1971 – 1972 The Place

Volunteers and $10,000 provided for the Kailua Drug Clinic.

1972 – 1973 Kula Kokua

Established therapeutic nursery school for emotionally disturbed children in partnership with the Salvation Army. $5,000 donated.

1973 – 1974 Volunteer In Probation (VIP)

Assisted in production of two slide shows and purchased equipment for the Volunteers in Probation Programs. The first slideshow described facets of the volunteer program and the second presented training for new volunteers. $3,000 donated.

1973 – 1975 Hawaii School for the Deaf & Blind

Provided $11,500 to pay for a coordinator for Volunteer Services.

1975 – 1977 Artmobile

Volunteers traveled with the Artmobile to schools and brought art education and techniques into the classroom.

1975 – 1977 Hawaii Bound School

Volunteers served as a speakers’ bureau to promote the school. $5,000 donated to purchase wilderness survival equipment.

1975 – 1977 Waikiki Aquarium

Donated $9,000 for the purchase of educational tools. Volunteers developed and produced an in-school marine science program.

1977 – 1978 The Family In Hawaii Conference

Co-sponsored a conference on issues and needs facing Hawaii’s families with the University of Hawaii. $8,000 donated.

1978 – 1984 Family Health Learning Center

Developed and supported a health education center for the general public on the grounds of the Kapiolani Children’s Medical Hospital. $30,000 donated.

1978 – 1980 Historic Hawaii Association

Donated $10,000 and assisted in conducting a survey to identify buildings in Hawaii suitable for restoration and federal funding.

1979 – 1980 White House Conference on Families

Appointed by Governor Ariyoshi to serve as State Coordinator.

1980 – 1982 Hawaii Association For Children With Learning Disabilities

Supported the adoption of the Volunteers in Education Advocacy project. Members trained to serve as facilitators between schools and parents of learning disabled children.

1982 – 1983 Volunteer Leadership Development Program

Provided leadership training to volunteers in non-profit agencies and community groups. $5,000 donated.

1983 – 1984 Kids In the Courts

Researched adjudicated juvenile cases and trained court personnel to better understand children with learning disabilities. $5,000 donated.

1983 – 1985 Human Service TV

Produced monthly programs on local human service issues, trained volunteers to promote the programs, and distributed videotapes of these programs to the community. $39,000 donated.

1984 – 1987 H.U.G. (Helping Us Grow)

Trained volunteers to provide in-hospital education for postpartum parents at Queen’s Medical Center.

1984 – 1987 Hawaii Nature Center

In collaboration with the Makiki Environmental Education Center, established a nature center to foster awareness, appreciation, and understanding of Hawaii’s environment. $30,000 donated. Project turned over to the community and is currently a separate non-profit organization.

1986 – 1988 Hawaii Children’s Museum of Art, Science and Technology

Assisted in developing the master plan for a participatory museum and with fundraising and publicity. $22,750 donated. Project turned over to the community and is currently a separate non-profit organization.

1987 – 1988 Turnaround

In collaboration with Straub Hospital, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Jesse Chalmers Trust, funded a video on child abuse prevention awareness. League volunteers served as facilitators for presentations of the video to organizations and groups. $5,000 donated.

1987 – 1989 Action Line

In collaboration with KHON TV-2, developed a telephone information and advocacy service for Hawaii’s consumers. Project turned over to the community and is currently a separate organization.

1987 – 1989 Hale Kipa Independent Living Program

Developed and implemented standardized program modules to prepare youths for independent adult living.

1987 – 1988 Special Olympics

Produced brochures and formed a speakers’ bureau to increase public awareness of the Hawaii Special Olympics’ mission.

1987 – 1989 Honolulu Theatre For Youth (HTY)

Expanded the education programs of the HTY by adding workshops, enlarging the summer drama program, and developing after-school drama classes. $24,000 donated.

1987 – 1990 Prevent Elder Abuse

In collaboration with Child and Family Services, developed a comprehensive program to protect Hawaii’s elderly from abuse and neglect. $16,000 donated.

1987 – 1990 Teen Intervention Program

Worked with Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children to reduce teen pregnancies through education, social services, and follow-up activities with teens and their parents.

1988 – 1989 Hawaii Children’s Museum of Art, Science and Technology

Developed docent and group tours programs. $18,000 donated.

1988 – 1989 AIDS Education

In collaboration with the Life Foundation and the Department of Health, developed an AIDS Education Comic Book that was distributed to all Hawaii schools. $19,000 donated to produce 50,000 copies.

1989 – 1991 Preschool Teacher Training in Humane Education Curriculum

Developed Pet Education Training in conjunction with the Hawaiian Humane Society. $10,000 donated.

1989 – 1992 Shelters for Abused Spouses and Children

Assisted in renovating three shelters for abused spouses and children. $18,000 donated.

1990 – 1992 Enhancements for Sexually Abused Children

Provided volunteer assistance for sexually abused children in conjunction with the Friends of the Children’s Advocacy Center. Presented a series of self esteem classes and developed a resource manual to handle enhancements requests. $20,000 donated.

1992 – 1993 Na Ki’i Na Na ‘Opio: Images from the Children

Developed an educational program on homelessness to supplement the Na Ki’i Na Na ‘Opio photography exhibit. $9,000 donated.

1992 – 1994 Christmas In April, OahuPart of a national program, this project provided volunteer services to repair and rehabilitate homes owned by low income elderly and disabled homeowners. $10,000 donated. League members solicited monetary and in-kind (materials and labor) donations from the community. Project turned over to the community and is currently a separate non-profit organization.

1993 – 1994 Independent Living

Researched and developed a model for an independent living program to teach life skills necessary for sexually abused teens and young adults for the Children’s Advocacy Center.

1993 – 1994 Learning Years

Presented the Learning Years video and facilitated discussions about positive parenting.

1994 – 1996 The Family Visitation Center

In conjunction with Parents and Children Together (PACT), assisted in the start-up and maintenance of the Family Visitation Center, which provides a safe location for a custodial parent and child during a visitation with the non-custodial parent. $10,000 donated.

1994 – 1997 The Family Violence Prevention Program

Served as facilitators in a training program to teach students about the inter-generational cycle of abuse and alternative patterns of behavior to prevent abuse in their own relationships. $6,500 donated.

1994 – 1997 Hey Coach

In collaboration with Prevent Child Abuse Hawaii, developed a video on the methodology of positive coaching techniques. The video, in conjunction with a speakers’ bureau, trains coaches, parents, and interested community groups in positive coaching techniques. $13,000 donated.

1994 – 1997 Blueprint for Change

Convened a community coalition to design a blueprint for a new State Child Protective Services system. The League participated on the Community Steering Committee and provided resources for facilitation of focus groups.

1996 – 1997 Kids First, The Divorce Experience

In collaboration with the Judiciary, developed a divorce education program for divorcing parents and their children on the island of Oahu.

1996 – 1998 Ke Kulana Wahine, Women’s Resource Center

Established a women’s resource and assistance center in collaboration with the YWCA of Oahu, which empowered women by enhancing and facilitating access to information and resources.

1997 – 2000 PICs 808

In collaboration with the Friends of the Children’s Advocacy Center, expanded self-esteem classes for sexually abused girls between the ages of 12 and 18. Compiled a database of goods and services available in the community that may be solicited for the classes.

1997 – 2001 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Developed a community education project to increase public awareness of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and of the resources available to help families with this problem.

1998 – 2001 Community Grant Evaluation Team

In collaboration with the Hawaii Community Foundation, conducted site visits to organizations that received Foundation grants and evaluated their implementation and effectiveness.

1999 – 2002 Adoption Connection

Supported the Adoption Connection in Hawaii Project whose goals are to educate the public about the needs of children awaiting adoption, recruit and train quality adoptive families, and support post-adoption services. $25,000 donated.

2000 – 2001 HerStory

Introduced an annual women’s conference to develop Hawaii’s community of women. $6,000 donated.

2001 – 2002 Building Blocks

Provide life skills courses for “at-risk” teenaged girls in collaboration with Friends of the Children’s Advocacy Center and Casey Family Program.

2001 – 2004 A Time to Read

In collaboration with Hawaii Literacy, Inc. and with support from PACT, established a year-round Saturday morning reading hour for preschool-aged children at Kuhio Park Terrace.

2002 – 2004 PICs 808

Provide life skills courses for “at-risk” teenaged girls in collaboration with Friends of the Children’s Justice Center, Casey Family Program, and Children’s Alliance of Hawaii, Inc.

2004 – My Story

Implemented a Signature Project to address issues confronting the development of adolescent girls.

2007 – Kids in the Kitchen

Held community events to foster awareness about the growing problem of childhood obesity by offering simple and affordable solutions through healthy eating and education.

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