2000 to Present


The League’s focus area continues to influence projects chosen for membership involvement, as well as Impact Honolulu done-in-a-day events, giving volunteers opportunities to go into the community to educate and give support to participants, and evaluate the availability of services in the area of “Family Strengthening.”

The fundraisers continue to expand and generate revenue to fund projects and programs. Fund Development has instituted the Training and Education Fund maintained by donations made by League and community members for leadership development of League members.

To enhance the visibility of JLH in the community and impact the lives of Hawaii’s women, the Women’s Conference, HerStory, was developed.

The League continues to monitor membership trends and accommodate members. Committees have been reorganized, created, or eliminated; meetings streamlined for efficiency, and training made available through various methods.

A rolling five-year Strategic Plan was developed to give the League direction that reaffirms our commitment to voluntarism and improving the community for the start of the new Millennium and it is updated annually to assure continuity and relevance.